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Post 61
9405 Smyrna Pkwy
Louisville, Ky 40229

Large Hall Rental Form Sample - October 2007


There are many opportunities to volunteer as an Amvet, Auxiliary, Sons and Junior Amvet.  When you volunteer you are not only helping the cause, but you are helping to make the world a better place.  The Amvets, Auxiliary and Sons meetings are held the 2nd Sunday of the month.  Join the meeting to see how you can volunteer your time.  Who knows - your time may be as simple as collecting Campbell Soup Labels - planning a dance - or even driving a vet to the doctor!  See how you can help!
    When you cease to make a contribution, you begin to die. ~ Eleanor Roosevelt 
    AMVETS 2009-2010 OFFICERS


    Pete Morgan
    1st Vice Commander Glen Guth
    2nd Vice Commander Marvin Carlton, Jr
    3rd Vice Commander Ronald Phillips
    Adjutant Nora Eaves
    Judge Advocate Jerry Miller
    Finance Officer Marty Davis
    Provost Marshal Charles Killkelly
    Chaplain Jim Montgomery

    Roger Ostrander
    Greg Heun
    Jerry Miller
    Donnie Judd
    PRO Jerry Miller
    Juniors Coordinator Charlie Nichter
    Kitchen Committee Chair
  • POST 61 INC. Officers
    President 3 Years
    2 Years
    2 Years
    1 Year
    1 Year

    Sons - Squadron 61 2009-2010 Officers

    Commander Joe Eaves
    1st vice Pat Netherton
    2nd vice Bradley Thompson
    3rd vice George Griffith
    Adjutant Chris Hasting
    JA Jerry Skinner, Jr
    Finance Jim Beatty
    Provost Marshal Jerry Sharp
    Chaplain Smitty Greenwell
    Historian Chris Spilman
    Public Relations 
    Joe Eaves 
    Auxiliary 2009-2010 Officers


    Donna Leiston

    1st Vice President

    Joy Herb

    2nd Vice President

    Karey Herb

    3rd Vice President

    Roseanna Netherton


    Barbara K Guth


    Mary Louise Kilkelly


    Theresa Adkins


    Wanda Collins
    Barbara Guth 
    PROMargaret Willett

    Ways and Means

    Mary Louise Kilkelly


    Cris Cress


    Tracy Hays


    Donna Leisten
    Liaison Officer Gloria Davis
    Seminar Officer Linda Grubbs

    SEC Delegate

    Gloria Davis




POST 61 INC. Officers
Butch Werner President 3 Years (05-08)
Marty Davis 2 Years (06-08)
Billy Grubbs 2 Years (06-08)
Jim Beatty 1 Year (06-07)
Pete Morgan 1 Year (06-07)





Drawing Every Tuesday at 8 PM Post Home
Bingo Every Wed 7:00 PM Silver Heights
Bingo Hall
9206 Blue Lick Rd
Bingo Every Wed at Midnight Silver Heights
Bingo Hall
Horseshoe or Dart League Every Wed Post home
Cornhole League Fall and Winter On Thur Night Post Home
Drawing Every Fri at 8 PM Post Home
Karaoke or Live Music Every Sat 8 PM - Midnight Post Home
Euchre Tournament 1st Sun every Month (Oct-May) at 1 PM Post Home
Monthly AMVETS Meeting
Monthly Auxiliary Meeting
2nd Sunday at 2:30 PM
(Except May - Moved to 3rd Sun because of Mother's Day)
Post Home
Monthly Sons Meeting 2nd Sunday at 1:30 PM Post Home
Monthly E-Board Meeting Last Sunday at 2:30 PM
(May or may not be held each month.)
Post Home

Don't forget to check the State SCHEDULE for Special Events that may also be planned.


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